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Studs and Hoofcare Products For Sale


The following are a selection of studs and hoofcare products available for sale.


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Pro Grip Studs

all prices + shipping

Pro grip studs PGS01


Pro grip studs PGS02


Pro grip studs PGS03


Pro grip studs PGS05


Pro grip studs PGS06


Pro grip studs PGS08


Pro grip studs PGS09


Pro grip studs PGSx2


Pro grip studs PGSx3


Pro grip studs PGSx4



Magnetic stud dish

Pro grip stud dish

Keeps all your studs and keepers safe in one place

$20 + shipping

Stud hole keepers

$1 each + shipping

Keepers & Keeper Tool

Set of 8 Easy Keepers $29.90

Easy Keeper tool $59.90

Old Mac g2 Hoof Boots

An alternative to steel shoes ,

Sizes 0-10

$250 + shipping

Old Mac's Original Hoof Boots

Sizes 0-7

Easysoaker Boot

Single $62 + shipping


Horse Boots | Shires Equi Boot

Great alternative to metal shoes

Provide protection, traction and cushioning

To select the correct size boot for your horse, measure the width of the hoof (at the widest part) in inches. Match to the correct size boot i.e. if your horses foot measures 4 3/4 inches it will be a size E3 or Medium

Sold as a single boot

Price: $46.29 + shipping



Hoof Wraps


Sole Pack Medicated Liquid Hoof Dressing 16 oz with brush, 32 oz refill


Sole Pack Medicated Liquid Hoof Dressing comes with a brush applicator that will cover faster and smoother. For economy, purchase the convenient 32 ounce refill. Sole Pack will seek out and aggressively combat bacterial and fungal infections. Sole Pack liquid (and packing) are the most effective natural medicated products for the protection of your horses feet. This patented product is recommended by Master Farriers nationwide.

Painting Sole Pack Medicated Liquid Hoof Dressing on the coronary band, also aids in stimulating hoof growth.

Price: $47.68 + shipping

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