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Professional Group One Farrier Based in Rangiora, New Zealand



At The Modern Edge of A Time-honoured Profession

By Andy Bryenton – For Canterbury Farming publication April 2014 Since the earliest days of civilized horsemanship, back in far antiquity, there have always been farriers. The oldest horseshoes found date from before the rise of classical Greece – they were found as grave goods in an Etruscan tomb dating back more than 400 years…

Adam White – The Unsung NZ Cup hero

Behind every New Zealand Cup champion there’s always a harness racing story of an unsung hero – a person behind the scenes who does his bit to ensure glory. For two years Southbrook farrier Adam White has done just that. The 33-year-old horseman admits Monkey King isn’t his favourite horse when it comes to shoeing,…

Big Bids for Harness Great’s Shoes

By MATT MARKHAM – South Canterbury 06/05/2010 Last year’s New Zealand Trotting Cup winner Monkey King has helped line the pockets of many punters this year with an outstanding season on the race track, but now the speedster pacer is giving a little bit back. A framed set of the harness racing great’s shoes have…

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