On-line Booking Service

To make bookings click here On-line Bookings

Please note: "Under no circumstances will Adam shoe or trim in the rain. If you don't have adequate shelter your appointment will be cancelled."

Bookings will require confirmation so they will not be accepted unless they are received at least 7 days in advance of the appointment date.

Saturday appointments can now only be scheduled by emailing Adam direct - email here

Adam White Farrier has been offering the on-line booking service for over a year now and it has saved him being interrupted by calls requesting appointments and has proved a convenience to those clients that have used it in that they can see what dates and times are available and can book accordingly.

All bookings will be confirmed.

List of days and areas Adam visits:
Monday: North Canterbury
Tuesday: West Melton
Wednesday: North
Thursday: Ohoka/Fernside
Friday: Anywhere.