Adam's Profile and Background


I was always destined to work with Horses. My Father Barry was a jockey and then got into owning and training standardbreds and my Mother came from a family of successful owners. Growing up in Motukarara, I had my first stablehand job at Murray Edmonds when I was 10 years old, where Murray used to shoe all his own horses and my early job was to go into the loft to get the shoes.

Shoeing was always something that interested me and I soon learnt that there is a lot of ways to correctively shoe in Harness Racing. Dad taught me the basics of shoeing and we watched a lot of videos to master the techniques, but it was always a case of practise makes perfect. I started shoeing my own team once I became a public trainer in Auckland. Whilst in the North, I learnt a wealth of knowledge watching, assisting and working under Dave Smith and later with Steve Butler. Around this time I went to Australia and furthered my shoeing knowledge by learning from world renown Farrier Karl O'Dyer.

Like any career, Shoeing is something that you have to break into. It doesn't matter how many certificates or experience you have you need to prove yourself. On returning home to Canterbury, I began with shoeing Hacks and Broodmares before opportunities arose to shoe in successful Racing Stables, which was my long term goal. I also didn't want to shy away from my other enjoyment which is Hacks, where I enjoy meeting new people and having a bit of variety.

I am now shoeing for some of the biggest barns in North Canterbury, a winning Springston Trophy Team and Equestrian Horse of the Year. I enjoy the people I meet and the challenges this job brings!

I have enjoyed many successful moments in my career to date including traveling with Monkey King around Australasia and watching him win the Miracle Mile. I really enjoy helping trainers get more out of their horses with corrective shoeing and seeing the results.

Getting to Know More About Adam

Name or name you like to be called by: Adam White

Nickname: Addman

Family: Wife Mandy Chesmar, 3 year old Son Flynn

Interests: Fishing, Boating, spending time with my Family

Favourite Movie: The Hangover

Favourite Actor/Actress: Lindsey Lohan

Favourite TV program: Two and a Half Men

Favourite Music and Artist: Solid Gold, Pearl Jam, Neil Diamond

Favourite Tipple: Corona

Favourite Meal: Pork cooked on my spit roast

Favourite Takeaway: Thai

Ford – Holden or other: Ford

Rugby/League/Football: League – St George Dragons and staying loyal to NSW!

Best place for a Holiday: Boating, crayfishing and beer drinking in Kaikoura

Best job you have done: Sometimes the best job you do is corrective shoeing on poorly gaited horses and seeing them improve and win for their owners. Also shoeing Monkey King and Kiwi Ingenuity – the 2 fastest horses in Australasia was pretty cool too!

Luckiest Number: 2, 7, 22, 26

What was your best result from a bet: Got lucky with the TAB when my horse Dream Cover Girl opened on Fixed Odds at $60 – got enough to buy a new boat! She closed at $7!

Have you shoed any Group 1 winners - if so who are they: I have been lucky enough to shoe quite a few. I really enjoyed the last season travelling with Monkey King around Australasia and being there watching him win the Miracle Mile

Worst experience with a horse: Monkey King pissed on me whilst I was shoeing him in behind. Kicks and bites come with the job!

Most dangerous job you have had to do: It’s always hard to shoe young horses that you don’t trust as they are very unpredictable

Favourite Racecourse: Manawatu Raceway and Menangle Raceway

Favourite saying: ‘This is why I get paid the big money!’

Bumper sticker that best describes you: ‘Shit Happens!’