Adam has been shoeing for us at Dangingonmoonlight for well over two years with a high standard achieved every time. Adam is here every week on time and ready without complaint. I have known Adam for many years as we were both junior drivers together in the North island and I followed his farrier career with interest so once I became head trainer at Dancingonmoonlight farm I knew Adam was the obvious choose for the blacksmith job .Adam has been instrumental is the success of horses like Monkey King, Baileys Dream and Power of Tara having such a brilliant season, not to mention the $1.6 million plus in stack money the farm has won this season.

Brendon Hill (Benny)
Trainer at Dangingonmoonlight farm

When we looked for top service and up to date shoeing techniques we could not go past Adam white farrier services.

Adam insures our horse’s hooves and shoes are fitting correctly so we can provide quick safe emergency care to our patients out on the field. Corey Milnes,

St John Mounted Medic
Equestrian Team Leader
St John South Island Region
M 027 225 3396

Adam has fixed my 2 horses issues we had with Seedy Toe. I learnt what the cause of it is, and now I'm very aware of what I need to do to prevent it. The online booking system is great, you get confirmation in plenty of time prior to them being shod. My Appaloosa had a terrible issue of tripping - making him quite dangerous to ride at times. A previous farrier would not listen to me when I asked for the horse to be kept short to alleviate this, however Adam is onto it. I don't have any issues with him tripping now. I have learnt alot while he has been my farrier. His knowledge and ability to explain what he is doing and why is great. It helps impower you. A great feeling. Well done Adam, and thank you.

Fiona Stead

Adam has been my farrier for about 2-3 years now and within that time my horses feet have improved each time he's done them. Adams very particular about having a balanced hoof

and he's great at explaining what he's doing and why and if you have any questions he's always more than happy to listen and answer them for you.

He's always had fantastic service and the online booking system is amazingly easy to use, I would recommend him to anyone that wants the best for their horses hoofs whether it's a barefoot trim or a set of shoes!

Liz Palmer

Adam has been shoeing our horses for almost a year now and the change has been remarkable. Our thoroughbred has gone from having a seedy toe problem that almost no farrier has been able to fix to it being no longer existent. Along with the way he strives to give each horse the perfect balance his compassion and patience with the animals is second to none! We thank Adam for his commitment in travelling to the Coast for us on a regular basis and maintaining such a high standard.

Abby Thomas

Adam has been doing all my farrier work for approx. 3 years now and I have never before had their feet looking so good. From my elderly retiree who has shocking conformation to my young pony who had a slight twist in one foreleg when I bought him home but now goes as straight as a dye thanks to correct trimming. My large show hack was having a lot of issues with his shoulder and I was spending countless dollars on specialists trying to get to the bottom of the issues, but since having Adam doing his feet and having him correctly balanced all around I have had no issues or soreness in the horse at all and he has never worked so well. I highly recommend Adam as a farrier whether it’s for a trim on a wee pony or balancing and shoeing your pride and joy!!

Kerry Blakemore

I thought I was going to have face facts that my horse was no longer rideable no more after loosing a good farrier and having 2 duds that crippled him, Then Adam White came along, from the 1st shoeing my boy was once again rideable, every shoeing his feet looked better and better, and he even competed in Hunter classes and did very well for a horse that was crippled 6months before hand, We struggle to get decent farriers that can talk the talk and perform an A+ job here on the Westcoast, So I definitely recommend Adam to anybody that cares about their horses feet. And as the saying goes “No feet, No horse”

Adam will be staying my farrier for as long as he keeps shoeing even if I end up having to drive 4hrs to get them done.

Rosey Deakin

I highly recommend 'Adam White Farrier' to anyone who wants the best for their horses. Adam is the first farrier that has successfully managed to trim my Paint horse 'Kody', and the first one that has ever offered to come back a second time. My horse's hooves look fantastic, I tell anyone who asks that I wouldn't let anyone else do their hooves now, thanks Adam!

I met Adam at the horse of the year , I had taken two horses and they both travelled very poorly on arriving to the show there shoes had shifted or removed .Adam was on hand to repair them without any trouble ,he suggested we remove the shoes as he wasn't happy with the job and state of there feet going into the biggest show of the year , Adam done a wonderful job and explained everything he was doing without the baffling farrier science i must admit i was worried of such a change but the end result was amazing with the new rolled toe shoes being the winning of my paced and manner case . Big up's for Adam he rocks just a shame he does not shoe up here often.

Becky Cunningham
New Plymouth

Great communicator and beautiful job.


Adam was on time and was very patient even though my horses were a bit naughty.


A great knowledge of his skill, highly recommend.


Thanks Adam great job and thanks for a sole harden product worked well.


My horse Fred had terrible feet and was badly off set with Adams corrective shoeing and patent nature he got him pretty right, I'm sure he wouldn't have stood up if Adam hadn't been on hand.