Shoeing Products Used by Adam White Farriers

Some of the new Technology that I have been utilising and applying recently when required:


Babi Cuff

The unique design of the Babi-cuff offers universal applications.

They are designed to help correct flexural deformities in very young horse


Semi Completed Babi-cuff

This is a semi completed Babi-cuff , this foal need attention to help it's bent legs , using the extension I helped straighten this foal with the medial extension .


Griffin Shoe

This is a griffin shoe designed to improve gait of a knee knocking horse . A knee knocking horse or pacer especially roll off the medial (inside) side of the hoof so the griffin shoe encourages lateral break over to swing the leg out missing the knee .


Griffin Shoe Design


Heart Bar

Designed to contract the concession though the entire hoof & frog rather than the standard area taking pressure off injured area ,


Now days there is no excuse for cracks or broken wall .




Themo - pad

These are only new they are heated and molded to the sole , I put shock absorbing silicon under the pad to eliminate shock/concussion


Flip Flops

A Swedish design made of a hard plastic with a cut to size shoe in the toe, these are for horses with bad feet, flat feet, low heels and weak walls they also take a lot of shock.


Plain Pacing Shoe

This is my most popular shoe I fit this is used mainly on race horses and basically pacers with no gait or striding problems. It comes in sizes 2-8 and I use the Forge range of this shoe. They also come in a med light weight and heavy weight


Cross Firing Shoe

This is mainly used on a pacer the wing is designed to work as a grab to slow and spread the hind leg.


A Michel Vaillant (France) Wedge Rocking Support

Description : egg bar shoe 2.55deg
Wedge rear bearing surface beyond the heels & the frog .
Biomechanical effects : reduces stress on the distal sesamoid bone & on the deep digital flexor tendon


Hack Shoes

Most of the hacks I shoe use these shoe they come with single toe clips and I find they heat up even and don’t lose shape when hot shoeing there are thousands of hack shoes available but I like these but also I stock a lot of other styles rolled toes, double toe clips etc so something for everyone .This range I get from Forge horseshoes in sizes 2-8.

1/2 Round and Swedge with or without A Wing

Some harness horses mostly pacers have a common problem call cross firing where the back leg comes through and hits the back heel of the opposing front leg ,This shoe helps to spread the two hind legs when the horses is running resulting in the back feet missing the contact on the front. I have used these successfully on trotters too. It comes with a wing or without. These come in sizes 3-8 and are available from Forge horseshoes.

Pleasure Shoe

These are commonly used on the trotters I shoe they are a med weight with a inside out toe which suits the trotting gait, also helps with horses that scalp in behind, I put these on most of the trotters I shoe, they come in sizes 3-10 so a big range and I get these from Horseshoe Brands (Mainline )

Heavy Inside Outs

Again these are for trotters that need a bit more weight. I get these from Forge horseshoes and come in sizes 2-8

Half Rounds

These shoes don't have a swedge so are rolled half rounds this here's a horse break over quicker I have used these on all different kinds of horses they don't have a lot of grip so a nail is needed in the heel area for grip, these shoes have helped a lot of young horses learn to pace I use them on a hack with ring bone they differently have there place but not my favorite. Come from Forge horseshoes sizes 2-8.

Alloys Outer Rim

A lot of pacers wear alloy shoes this style is mainly what I use the outer rim alloy is used a lot in USA and is designed to grip it also has a steel toe plate so the wear is pretty good ,this is the shoe most of my cup horses I shoe wear. I get these from Horseshoe brands in sizes 2-9.

Alloy Triumph

This is another design of an alloy it is a wider shoe so good support and heel support the toe has a nice break over but not to square ,I used a lot of these in the North island its just but you get used to they are a bit bulkier and a fraction heavier. Available from Horseshoe brands sizes 000-2 Swedish sizing.

Alloy Square Toes

The brand name is Fast break it is designed to do just that break over faster than normal resulting in the foot hopefully missing the knee commonly known as hitting there knees, I also use a few of these sometimes lowering the outsides to try a flick the foot wide on landing and in flight. I'm not a 100 present on this theory but it has worked in the past .There is a number of different square toe shoes I get them from horseshoe brands in sizes 2-8.

Heart Bars & Egg Bars

Heart bars and Egg bars are mainly for horses with problems low heel or a foot complaint I don't tend to use to many of these but be useful the heart part of the shoe works as a pressure pump pumping on the frog to pump blood around the foot ,

Raised Alloy Hinds

These shoes come with a built in three degree wedge in them so are used on horses with low heels to build them up and support tendons etc. I use these a lot on horses that get down on there bumpers, nice shoe and common place on the monkey when he races. I get these from Horseshoe brands in sizes 5-8.

As you can imagine there are now millions of designs and shoes available on the market which makes my job a lot easier because the old days they had to make them, but I cant carry them all but I'm am in a area where some of the best farrier shops are only a short drive away, If there is something you need or a problem you have I more than likely already dealt with it so don't hesitate to contact me. Also all the products on my website are available for purchase with free shipping within New Zealand.

Equilox I Adhesive

Is an extremely strong resin that can be used for anything from repairing small quarter cracks to reconstructing an entire hoof wall, yet flexible enough for easy filing, shaping, and even nailing.

Set time: Sets in 6 - 8 minutes, final cure in 10 - 13 minutes at 70° Fahrenheit

Sound Horse Series1

Glue-on horseshoes which combine a forged aluminum shoe with a urethane shock-absorbing rim pad incorporating the strongest, safest attachment system.

The fabric cuff system gives a strong bond to the hoof using glue and without nails.

A fast, reliable, proven way to shoe sore-footed horses or those with problem hooves.

These are front Elite Flat shoes. Hinds and other types and sizes are available by special order.

HSP Hoof Support

The HSP, which was designed by farriers and the locomotor research group at the Royal Veterinary College, is a device that increases the bending strength of the equine hoof wall and thereby helps to prevent collapse and deformation.

When the hoof wall bends the HSP becomes loaded in tension and the hoof wall becomes loaded in compression (which it is more able to resist). This provides the heels with protection against collapse without restricting physiological heel expansion. This reduction in compression is also believed to have a protective effect on circulation in the navicular area.

A HSP is bonded, using standard farriery adhesives, to the hoof wall on each side of the heel following basic preparation. The HSP is removed with a light rasp and a new set of HSPs should be fitted at each shoeing.